Adobe Flash Labs

View Lab 1 - Election Map

(Intro to flash coding)

View Lab 2- Crash Map

(Integrating google maps API) *Currently broken due to file host change and api settings


Download: Lab1Data.xls, Lab1array.txt,

EnergyViz - Flash Map

Interactive, dynamic map that can be used to explore power consumption/production in the United states by source and state.

View - Video, Poster (Contact for Map)

Download:, Data.csv, Data.xlsx, Proposal.pdf

ArcObjects - Simple ArcMap

Create a simple version of ArcMap for use at a display event with basic features like zoom and identify. (Note: Data1 is the same for 3 projects)


Download: Writeup.pdf, Edited.mxd, Code.txt,

ArcObjects - Toolbar/Button/Menu

Create a button in a toolbar with a menu. Specifically, one that offers preset zooms.


Download: Writeup.pdf, Edited.mxd, Code.txt,

ArcObjects - Loops/Conditionals

Re-Code the Zoom Menu. (Replace redundant code with function and provide a scale change message.)


Download: Writeup.pdf, Edited.mxd, Code.txt,

ArcObjects - Auto Add Layer Tool

Unfortunately this does not work, but the code is close!

(sorry the additional data is in a separate zip, you will probably have to set the data source )


Download: Writeup.pdf, Edited.mxd, Code.txt,,

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