A Final Project

Combined known ArcGIS skills at the time to generate a reference map while regarding cartographic design principles. This one in particular was to highlight parks surrounding Pittsburgh.

Download: FinalMap.pdf, Writeup.pdf, EarlyMap1.pdf, EarlyMap2.pdf, GradedMap.pdf

Fantasy Map

Design a fantasy map from scratch in CorelDraw


Download: Map.pdf

Digital Spatial Data

Download digital spatial data (DEM, DLG, DOQQ)  and operate on it within ArcGIS


Download: Report.pdf

Labeling and Representing Areas

Representing area categories with labels and symbols


Download: GradedMap.pdf, Requirements.pdf

Labeling and Representing Points

Representing point feature categories with labels and symbols while working with map frames.



Download: GradedMap.pdf, Requirements.pdf

Choropleth Maps in Series

Choropleth mapping, Data classification, Sequential color.


Download: Maps.pdf, Graded.pdf, Requirements.pdf

Representing Terrain

Combine elevation tints (hypsometric tints), contour lines, and hillshading skillfully to represent terrain form and provide metric information about elevation


Download: Map.pdf, Requirements.pdf


Simplification, smoothing, amalgamation and refinement of features in ArcMap.


Download: GradedMap.pdf, Requirements.pdf

Digitizing Geographic Data

Download, build and georeference data. Digitize and edit spatial data.


Download: Writeup.pdf

ArcMap + CorelDraw

An effective thematic map highlighting the spatial and temporal dynamics of IED attacks in 2010 in Iraq.


Download: Map.pdf, ArcMapPortion.png

Multivariate, Temporal Map

FFA birdstrike analysis of birds striking planes.

Select a few (of 94) data variables to represent.

ArcMap + CorelDraw


Download: Map.pdf

Basemap/Terrain design

Design a basemap a tourist may pickup at the airport in Hawaii.

ArcMap + CorelDraw


Download: Map.pdf

Decision Support - ArcMap

Find an ideal city to construct a new ice cream store based on the owner’s preferred surroundings.


Download: Paper.pdf

Mapping Social Media

Design a map from 100,000 (disaster/emergency related) geolocated tweets collected by the GeoVista center.


Download: Front.pdf, Back.pdf

Labeling and Representing Lines

Positioning Maplex labels, representing line hierarchy and categorgies.


Download: Map.pdf, Graded.pdf, Graded2.pdf, Requirements.pdf

Data Tables and Relational Joins

Create a thematic map by joining census derived attribute data to a spatial data theme.


Download: Lab.pdf

Geocoding with TIGER/Line Files

Download TIGER/Line Files for home and geocode address.


Download: Report.pdf

Address Geocoding

Build a geodatabase to map addresses of pizza shops in downtown Stage College.


Download: Writeup.pdf

Digitizing in CorelDraw

Recreate a scanned map using only CorelDraw


Download: Map.pdf, Original.pdf, Graded.pdf

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