Data - Analysis

Observations and Research

Observe and research a site in State College, PA and report a description of the physical geography


Download: Report.pdf, ObservationChart.pdf, Instructions.pdf

Analysis of Natural Hazards in PA

Design and execute a geographic analysis project

Specifically determining risk of hazards for insurance purposes.


Download: Proposal.pdf, FinalReport.pdf, Presentation.pdf


A group final project involving database creation and use cases. (As well as 2 exam essays)


Download: Proposal.pdf, FinalProject.pdf, SampleQueries.pdf, Database.accdb

Essay1.pdf, Essay2.pdf

Statistical Analysis

Point pattern analysis, Autocorrelation, Multivariate Statistics, and my portion of a Final Project analyzing Tornado Alley. (I need to locate the entire writeup.)


Download: PPA.pdf, AutoC.pdf, MultStat.pdf, FinalProject.pdf, ProjectMatrix.xlsx

GIS Design - Park Planner

Apply course concepts through all stages of planning a GIS system applied to a mock design proposal. Our group decided on designing an application for smart phones to be used in theme parks for navigation and ride information.


Download: Paper.pdf, Presentation.pdf

Natural Hazards

Logs of natural hazards throughout the semester

Download: Log1.pdf, Log2.pdf, Log3.pdf


Create a Hazard mitigation plan for Salt Lake county, Utah. Conduct two class sessions, one on earthquakes and a second on our plan.

Download: Plan.dpf, Presentation1.pdf, Presenataion2.pdf, CaseStudySummary.pdf

Statistical Analysis

(This section needs work!)

Various Homeworks/Labs. Exploring Coorelation in GeoDa.


Download: ANOVA.pdf, Histograms.pdf, HistogramsInstructions.pdfStripPlots.pdf, Correlation.pdf, Regression.pdf

GIS Aids in Fighting Crime

Create a 'flyer' describing a particular GIS application.


Download: Poster.pdf

Climate Change

Project future climate conditions using general circulation models from


Download: Questions.pdf, Figures.pdf, Instructions.pdf

Earthquake/Volcano Patterns

Utilize interactive maps to examine the spatial and temporal patterns in the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions


Download: Report.pdf, Instructions.pdf

Census Thematic Mapping

Use American FactFinder to generate choropleth maps to compare census data.


Download: Report.pdf

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